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Steve Featherstone is a close friend of mine: we worked at the City of Hamilton together, we play slo-pitch together, and I have built no less than three of his business websites. I have watched him grow from a nature enthusiast to one of the world-leading experts on Crocodilia and reptiles in general. I have watched his animals grow from two feet to the extraordinary animals they are now – Julius, his green anaconda that is in a few of the images below, was under two feet when I first met him.

So when he asked me to shoot his Little Ray’s Reptile Camp staff this year, I was ecstatic. Steve always hires amazing staff that are outgoing, great with kids, and share the same passions he does for nature, animals and community. We spent a couple of hours shooting down at their new location – Stadium Mall at Gage and Barton – with some of their amazing animals.

Torie and her Savannah Monitors. She INSISTED this was to be her profile picture. Victoria with a tokay gecko. Victoria, with her friendly, neighbourhood scorpion. Rachel and Julius Squeezer, the green anaconda. The 2013 Little Ray Victoria Tayler and Julius, the green anaconda. Colin is a brave dude, I Steve with Mojo, the American Alligator. She was under a foot when he got her; she is now six feet long and crazy strong. Shelby with Julius, a twelve foot green anaconda. Shelby and a blue and orange spotted tokay gecko. Steve with his classic Steve with a Reticulated python. And then things got silly: Victoria and Shelby with a couple of skulls. Steve with the tokay gecko. He hated this idea when I said it, but I like that you can see his eye through the skull. A tad creepy, yes? But I still like it. Tayler and a (what looks to be) American green tree frog. Torie and Julius.
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