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Scott and Shannon | Family Photographer | Tivoli | Hamilton |

Meet Scott, Shannon, Rachel, Cooper and Bella. If you ever want to see how parenting is done, go hang out with these two and their kids for a couple of hours or days. The parents are awesome, and their kids are a huge reflection of how amazing their parents are. For their family shoot, we headed down to the Beasley neighbourhood of Hamilton, specifically, the old Hamilton Tivoli (or whatever is left of it). When I suggested the Tivoli’s graffiti-covered walls to the family, it was Rachel that said “that is perfect for our family.”

The kids were a ton of fun during the shoot; from the funny faces to Cooper yells “BALLS!” every 30 seconds to try and get a family member to smile. (Do you know how distracting it is to hear “BALLS!” when you’re trying to shoot!? Hilarious for sure, but so hard to frame a shot when you’re giggling along with the family!) Thanks for letting me be a part of your family for a couple of hours guys. I had a blast.

The whole family: (from top left) Bella, Rachel, Cooper, Shannon and Scott. The whole family again, hanging out on the stairs of the Tivoli. The whole gang, walking hand-in-hand down an alleyway. Beautiful Bella. Cooper, likely smiling because someone said Gorgeous Rachel, with the graffiti all around her. Scott, with his trademark smile. Shannon, with HER trademark smile. Off-camera, the kids are actually yelling Rachel, Bella and Cooper. ... and then things got crazy. Funny faces #1. Funny faces #2. And finally, funny faces #3. I actually laughed really loudly when I saw Cooper This is Shannon The family walking hand-in-hand again, towards the ruins of the old Hamilton Tivoli. The kids looking back. Shannon and Bella. Scott, Cooper and Rachel. For anyone that knows Scott, you know that this dude is a giant teddy bear who would do anything for his kids. I absolutely adore the look of love in his eyes in this picture. Scott and Cooper. The shoes of the entire family, from top-left: Shannon, Scott, Rachel, Cooper, Bella.
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