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Kaelyn’s 5th Birthday | Family Photographer | Crock A Doodle | Dundas |

Last week, my niece Kaelyn celebrated her 5th birthday, and she chose to do it out at Crock A Doodle in Dundas, where her and her friends could paint some pottery. The girls clearly had fun, and the cake Kaelyn got for her birthday was nothing short of awesome. For any of the parents reading this that want a specific photo of their daughter, just email me ([email protected]) and let me know what number photo it is. Also, I apologize if I mixed up the girls’ names.

The encouraging wall of the party room. Some of the blank pottery sculptures the girls could choose from. The tools of the trade. What The birthday girl, Kaelyn. One of the girls, hard at work on her butterfly. Someone was concentrating very hard. And someone is clearly having fun. Trying to decide which brush to use next. They even let the adults paint. Speaking of concentrating very hard... My wife Jamie, painting the monkey for our son, Colin. Kaelyn had her hand painted, so she could create a hand print. Making the hand print. Kaelyn and mommy (Erin) hard at work. Kaelyn and mommy (Erin) painting together. Kaelyn and Erin. Kaelyn, clearly having a good time. Ella and her mom. Kaelyn The amazing cupcake-cake. Flounder, from The Little Mermaid, up close. Ariel, from The Little Mermaid, up close. Kaelyn opening her presents. The girls all got closer after every present Kaelyn opened, trying to see what each gift was. Ella using her hat in a new way. Blowing out candles! Mmmmmmm, cupcake. I Can’t talk, eating. Ditto. Riley seems to like hers too. As does Adina. Kaelyn seems to be saving some for later. And now for a tea party! Riley having fun. Sienna was being a unicorn, if I recall. Adina, Kaelyn and Riley. Riley stirring her imaginary tea. Adina having fun. Ella laughing away. Mya with her teapot. Mya and daddy.
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