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Week 11: Brielle Bowen | Newborn Photographer | Hamilton |

Meet Brielle Bowen, the 8 day-old girl that was so excited to meet her family, that she arrived three weeks early. The daughter of my wife’s cousins, Brielle initially had zero interest in having her picture taken: she was wide awake for a couple of hours after I arrived. But, after she had her second feeding, she was happy to fall asleep and let me take some pictures.

The pink wrap that is seen in some of the shots, as well as the beanbag that Brielle is lying on in a few of the shots, were borrowed from an amazing photographer friend of mine, Aleah. Her fantastic photos can be found at Aleah Nicole Photography.

As always, comments are always welcome. You can drop them below the pictures.

Brielle, 8 days newborn, with her mommy and daddy’s wedding rings on her big toe. My wife (who is eight months pregnant herself) found the headband the day before this shoot at a swap meet. For those coming from Facebook, I had posted this image straight-out-of-camera onto my Facebook Page. The above is edited a little more than the original Facebook post. With some help from Mommy and Aunt Stacey, we got Brielle’s feet to pose in a little "V" for this shot. Look at those little toes! Brie’s nursery is done with love in a Peter Rabbt décor. I had to include a pose with her and what I’m sure is going to be her favourite stuffed animal. Newly-minted daddy, Chad, holding his newborn daughter, Brielle. There is definitely a hint of a smile on her face. And now Brie is just hangin She looks so cozy in the wrap borrowed from Aleah Nicole Photography.
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