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Week 10: Shannon & Krysta | Maternity Photographer | Hamilton |

As a part of this 52 Week Project, I am trying to create a solid portfolio. Hopefully, my work gets good enough that I perhaps get paid for sessions like this, but since I’m still coming along, Shannon and Krysta agreed to be a part of my experiment at no cost to them.

Shooting Shannon, Billy and Hayden was a blast. They are such a great family and getting some good shots of them was easy. Even when Krysta and Shannon ventured out to get pictures of the two of them while they are both pregnant, the shots came easily. They are such great friends that they were laughing and relaxed in no time.

As always, comments go below. Especially if you have ideas for my next Maternity Shoot.

Mommy (Shannon) and Daddy’s (Bill) hands, in the shape of a heart, on her very pregnant belly. Their first son, Hayden, trying to listen to Mommy’s tummy for his baby brother. Daddy trying to pass some love through the womb. Shannon, looking gorgeous in black and white. Hayden and Mommy. Shannon and Billy have settled on the name “Tyler” for their new son. The Scrabble letters have nothing on the back of them; they stuck to Shannon all on their own. The mommy and daddy-to-be share a loving and laughing embrace. I saw a group of wild flowers growing just beyond their property, and much to shagrin of Shannon – in the form of groans and grunts – I made her have a seat in them and snapped this shot. The progression of baby names that they went through, written in chalk on a tennis court beside their house. Joined by her friend Krysta (left), the two of them show off the names they have chosen for their daughter and son. Since no one brought bows for them to use, they improvised, drawing chalk bows on each other’s shirts.
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