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Week 8/9: North Carolina | Travel Photographer | 52 Week Project |

This past week, my wife and I traveled to North Carolina to watch rounds two and three of the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship; aka. “March Madness”. Along the way to Greensboro, we stopped in Pittsburgh so she could see her Ohio State Buckeyes.

The idea behind these images was to try and capture sports photography: fast-action, high-paced and difficult to get a good shot. The numerous ones below are some of my favourite shots of the week, including a visit to Chapel Hill.

Got comments about the photos? Comments about the Lehigh mascot/the shirt I’m wearing? Drop them below.

Gonzaga coach Mark Few looks on as his Bulldogs take on the West Viginia Mountaineers, March 15, in Pittsburgh. West Virginia coach Bob Huggins can be seen in the background. West Virginia Mountaineer point guard, Jabarie Hinds (4) is guarded by David Stockton (11) of the Gonzaga Bulldogs, March 15, Pittsburgh. David Stockton is the son of famous NBA point guard, John Stockton. Kevin Jones (5) shoots free-throws while his teammates and opponents looks on. West Virginia lost the game to Gonzaga, 77-54, in Pittsburgh. Darryl Bryant (25) of the West Virginia Mountaineers passes to his teammate Kevin Jones (5), while Gonzaga forward Guy Landry Edi (10) guards him. The Gonzaga Pep band, during a free-throw by one of the Gonzaga Bulldogs. Pep bands usually have a distinct cheer for free-throws; this one was Gonzaga’s. The Ohio State Buckeye pre-game routine. In this image from Pittsburgh, an unknown Buckeye dances in the middle of the circle. Big Ten Conference Player of the year, Jared Sullinger, shoots free-throws for his Ohio State Buckeyes, March 15, Pittsburgh. The Loyola (MD) Greyhound mascot, who looks like he is on some sort of illegal substance; March 15, Pittsburgh. The Ohio State Buckeyes mascot, Brutus, is held up at center court by Buckeye cheerleaders; March 15, Pittsburgh. The Creighton Bluejays’ cheerleaders in their overall uniforms. Worst. Uniform. Ever. Taken in Greensboro, March 16. Creighton’s Grant Gibbs (10) guards Alabama’s Levi Randolph (20); Greensboro, March 16. North Carolina Tar Heels guard Kendall Marshall surveys the offensive end, during second round action in Greensboro, March 16. North Carolina Tar Heels guard Stilman White makes an pass to the interior of the offense; March 16, Greensboro. Flowers bloom on the campus of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. North Carolina Basketball banners hang from the light stands outside the Dean Smith Center, known locally as the “Dean Dome”. An example of the Southern-style architecture that dominates the UNC Chapel Hill campus grounds. Harrison Barnes (40) shoots free-throws for North Carolina, while teammate Reggie Bullock looks on during second round action in Greensboro, March 16. The Old Well on the grounds of UNC Chapel Hill, modeled after the Temple of Love in the Palace of Versailles. The Old Well is such a recognized symbol of UNC that the university logo uses a stylized image of it. Kendall Marshall (5) surveys the offensive zone as Tyler Zeller (44) and Creighton players look on during third round action in Greensboro, March 18. Harrison Barnes (40) drives to the net during third round action in Greensboro, March 18. While visiting Chapel Hill the day after #15 seed Lehigh University knocked off #2 Duke, we discovered a shop that was selling these shirts for $20. Taking a picture with the Lehigh mascot while wearing it, that was a given. Two days after #15 seed Lehigh University knocked off #2 Duke, a couple of UNC and NC State fans seem to have lost a friend of theirs. A Lehigh fan celebrates two days after knocking off Duke, during third round action in Greensboro, March 18.
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